Episode 80: Sleep in Heavenly Peace Pensacola Chapter President Kevin Loveday

Sleep is a natural “recharge” time for body and mind, and if it’s not adequate there are negative physical and mental effects. Did you know poor sleep can lead to hyperactivity issues in children as early five-years-old? In teenagers, anxiety and depression are linked to poor sleeping habits 27% and 69% of the time. Kids […]

Episode 79: Pensacola State College Basketball Coach Sagar Kapoor

North Carolina native Sagar Kapoor spent most of his time in middle and high school focusing on his athletic career. As much as he loved tossing around a baseball and playing pick up games of basketball he often felt defeated. He deeply struggled with his self-confidence and carried a heavy emptiness in his heart. Your […]

Episode 78: ‘When God Calls You to Lead’ with Senior Graphics Artist Megan Mucci

Imagine arriving to your first interview in a new city clumsy wearing your skirt backwards and accidentally sliding out of your seat during the meeting. This sounds like the pilot episode of a hilarious sitcom rather than reality, but not for Megan Mucci This was her life. This day changed everything. Born into a military […]

Episode 76: Charliemadison Originals Owner & Founder Wendy Hively

More than just jewelry, Charliemadison Originals bracelets inspire you to hold tightly to what you love. They are the perfect gift or keepsake reminder that you’re not alone on this journey. Each meaningful bracelet or necklace keeps you connected to your purpose, your tribe, and your family. More than just an entrepreneur, the owner and founder of […]

Episode 75: Real Talk about Race and Reconciliation with Artist Arthur Rocker

Hey friends! Last year on season two of ‘Still With You’ so many of you loved hearing from my entertaining friend Artist Arthur Rocker. You can listen to my original conversation with him on Episode 30: Entertaining Artist Arthur Rocker. This week have reunited and are bringing some real talk to the table. In this […]

Episode 74: “Teach, My Heart to Reach” with Musical Artist Doe Jones

Doe Jones is a passionate and gifted writer and musical artist who travels around the world singing, speaking and inspiring people to deepen and strengthen their relationships with the Lord. Beneath her ministry and calling as an individual lies the foundation of her family group, foreverJONES. Doe began traveling in ministry with her parents and her four brothers […]