Episode 75: Real Talk about Race and Reconciliation with Artist Arthur Rocker

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Hey friends! Last year on season two of ‘Still With You’ so many of you loved hearing from my entertaining friend Artist Arthur Rocker. You can listen to my original conversation with him on Episode 30: Entertaining Artist Arthur Rocker.

This week have reunited and are bringing some real talk to the table. In this chat with Arthur we discuss the vital and very tender topics of race and reconciliation, social justice, the Bible, and counseling, a practice Arthur and I are new to but have both benefitted tremendously from! “Ex Marks the Spot” is his new shiny single he released over the summer and you know I had to ask him about the new music he is creating!

In having honest and open conversation about faith about race and reconciliation it is crucial for me to share that I am on a journey of growing and learning how I can be an advocate and accomplice to my friends of color. The words and sentences I formed that make up this conversation are not perfect, but they are honest, real, and invitation for you too. Do not let fear stop you from SPEAKING up, even imperfectly like me about things that matter most.

It is still my favorite goal to make all of my friends fans of Arthur Rocker! If you are not already, welcome to the party! Arthur is one of the best people and you will love his energetic, sympathy, genuine, and joyous presence.

I am so glad you are joining us, let’s get to the real talk with my inspiring friend Artist Arthur Rocker.

Show notes…

Arthur Rocker

Music, “Ex Marks the Spot” by Arthur Rocker

Dreamwalker Music Evolution

I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith by Lecrae Moore

Carmen McCrackin

Pass the Mic hosted Tyler Burns and Jemar Tisby

Nic A. Daniels

Kohlie Browning on Voices.com

Josh Gad

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