Episode 77: HELP! Series Panel Discussion at Liberty Church Downtown

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Have you ever been afraid to ask for help? Maybe you need to, but do not know how to ask? Do you feel like you are burning out and craving a dose loving truth to refresh and encourage you?

A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege of speaking with my church family at Liberty Church Downtown alongside four of my dear friends; Pastor Todd and Becca Caroline, Syreeta Johnson, and Sagar Kapoor. (You might remember hearing Pastor Todd and Becca’s story on Episode 44). On this episode of ‘Still With You’ I am sharing our conversation from the HELP! Series.

I believe that no one meets with a motivating friend, attends a church service or listens to an episode of a podcast by accident. You are here for a reason and I believe God is will meet you right where you are and deliver the genuine help and guidance that your heart has been longing for.

Thank you to Pastor Todd and Becca and the entire Liberty Church Downtown team for inviting me share what I have learned walking with God and seeking His HELP!

Friends, if you in the Pensacola, Florida region and searching for HOME, Liberty Church Downtown is the most fun, safe, and loving place to grow closer to Jesus and in community. Please connect with Liberty on social media and take a Sunday to Liberty Church Downtown.  We would love to meet you!

Show notes…

Episode 44: Liberty Church Downtown Pastors Todd and Becca Caroline

Liberty Church

Liberty Church Downtown

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

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