Episode 74: “Teach, My Heart to Reach” with Musical Artist Doe Jones

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Doe Jones is a passionate and gifted writer and musical artist who travels around the world singing, speaking and inspiring people to deepen and strengthen their relationships with the Lord.

Beneath her ministry and calling as an individual lies the foundation of her family group, foreverJONES. Doe began traveling in ministry with her parents and her four brothers and sisters from a very young age, and still is blessed to travel and minister with her family band from time to time now. To date, foreverJONES has been nominated for 2 Grammys, 6 Stellars, and 4 Dove Awards with chart-topping gospel hits like “He Wants It All.” In 2018, Doe received her 3rd Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Performance as a featured solo artist on “Cycles,” with Jonathan McReynolds.

As a solo artist, Doe has released beautifully passionate worship and inspirational songs such as, “Give Thanks,” “Deepest Part of You” and “Reach.”

Although she has seen some success over the years, she knows her work is far from done. Doe has a big heart that desires to see people transformed, changed and restored by her music and the power of God’s presence.

In my conversation with Doe we dive deep in discussing her experience growing up in music ministry, developing self confidence, and doing more to use our voice in partnership with the Holy Spirit rather than feeling the need to over-explain. Doe was generous to me and give me a much needed pep talk! 

Her new single, “Brighter” released last week and I cannot get enough of this new beat playing in my life. You can listen right now wherever you stream your music. 

Sending praise hands emojis all day long in celebration of this new friend for her beautiful voice, heart and hard work. 🙌🏿 🙌🏼 🙌🏾 🙌🏽 🎉 It is an incredible honor to share this meaningful conversation with you with today, please welcome Musical Artist Doe Jones.

Show notes…

Doe Jones

forever JONES

“Cycles” by Jonathan McReynolds ft. Doe 

Jonathan McReynolds

Pastor Micheal Todd

Transformation Church 

Motion Conference 

Music, “Brighter” by DOE

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