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Episode 91: “Bridging the Gap Between Survivor Rescue and Restoration” with The Nissi Project President/CEO Sara Lefevers

Raised in rural Ohio, Sara Lefevers grew up free and full of joy. She adored her family, friends, even the brassy cornfields that filled her hometown, but once she learned about human trafficking, humans selling humans, everything changed. Founded in 2018 The Nissi Project is a nonprofit organization that stands in the gap serving as […]

Episode 90: “Music Made to Serve” with Mobile Singer-Songwriter Phillip Vo

In 2019 Singer-Songwriter Phillip Vo released his debut EP, Sophomore Year, sharing some of his life experiences as a 21-year-old college student studying at the University of Mobile, Alabama. This year Phillip is not only a senior, graduating with a degree in music business, but he is also writing for a new project, a four […]

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week, the sacred space from Palm to Resurrection Sunday, is a time to remember and celebrate the Cross. Rather than releasing a new podcast episode, I am reading along with this day-by-day reading plan and I am inviting YOU to join me! Friends I pray we ask God to overflow our longing hearts with […]

Episode 89: “The Sovereign Hand of God” with She Speaks Stories

Four years ago I had the honor of meeting Katie Hawkins and Susan Wanderer at Annie F. Downs’ Thats Sounds Fun Weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. I will never forget standing in the melting southern summer heat outside the Grand Ole Opry listening to them share their life experiences of Ethiopian adoption, Military culture, and everything […]

Episode 88: Dismantling Lies Keeping You From Healing with Jessica Hottle

Faith-based fitness coach, podcast host, speaker, and #1 best-selling author, Jessica Hottle, is unafraid of sticky situations! Perhaps, you know this already? One of her favorite ways to uplift others is by writing encouraging truth on colorful Post it Notes and sharing them online. Her feed is spilling over with challenging, empowering words, all leading […]

Episode 87: “We’ll Be Alright” with Folk-Indie Artist Gabrielle Grace

Rhythms greatly matter to me, not just the ones we love in listening to catchy music, but the ones practice in our everyday lives. Ironically, one of my favorite annual rhythms is actually marriage of these two things, music and life. Every episode of ‘Still With You’ is accompanied by a song that is not […]

Episode 86: Surviving Abuse and Finding Beautiful Courage with Isami Daehn 勇美

CPC-certified Relationship Coach, Isami Daehn 勇美, carries a passion for empowering millennials and GEN-Z through relationship pain to find their voice after estrangement. Why estrangement empowerment? Have you ever though you would head those two words in the same sentence? I have not and neither had Isami. Being raise in a home where physical and […]