Episode 78: ‘When God Calls You to Lead’ with Senior Graphics Artist Megan Mucci

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Imagine arriving to your first interview in a new city clumsy wearing your skirt backwards and accidentally sliding out of your seat during the meeting. This sounds like the pilot episode of a hilarious sitcom rather than reality, but not for Megan Mucci This was her life. This day changed everything.

Born into a military family Megan was raised living in six states and two countries. Even though she held an abundance of travel experience it was not until she discovered her love for video production when the world truly open up to her! This led to her to dive deep in learning about photography and later develop her skillset for her favorite form of art, graphic design.

At a young age Megan felt God calling her to inspire, influence, and be a leader for others in her creative field. Even though she at times resisted, God never gave up on His dreams for her.

Today she lives with her Brooklynn with her husband Stephen and their loyal dog, Harley Pants. In her career she has worked as a Producer, Creative Director, Motion Graphic Editor and Graphic Designer and left her creative mark with businesses and shows such as like ZaZoom Media Group, NYC & Company, ABC’s ‘The Chew’, and ABC’s ‘Tamron Hall’.

Currently, Megan is working as the Senior Graphics Artist of The Drew Berrymore Show, a daily show that launched in September 2020.

Even before the moment of falling out of her seat during her first interview in New York Megan’s journey has been one of learning to trust Jesus as her ultimate compass.

Let’s lean into leadership as welcome the beautiful and brillant, Megan Mucci.

Show notes…

Megan Mucci

Liberty Church

Andi Andrew

The Drew Berrymore Show

ABC’s ‘The Chew’

Tamron Hall

NYC & Company

Grey Gardens Documentary

Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

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