Episode 95: “The Gospel Changes Everything” with Evangelist, Disciple Maker, and Bible Teacher Gabrielle Odom

“If we believe the Gospel is true, which I believe it is, then everything has to change.” Gabrielle Odom is a 19-years-old, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but currently living in the great city of Dallas, Texas. Early in her young life she embraced God’s pursuit of her through His grace and this radically […]

Episode 94: “Share the Sunshine” with Positively Pensacola President and Founder Jordan McKinney

Jordan McKinney is a bubbly and energetic Gulf Coast local. When she’s not wrangling her baby girl Charlotte or teaching tiny humans at Pensacola Beach Elementary school, you can find her coming up with ideas to serve in her community… What began as a room full of strangers sharing crockpot of buffalo dip in her […]

Episode 93: Celebrating 10 Years of Empowering Military Spouses with R. Riveter Co-founder Cameron Cruse

R.Riveter handbags are more than just canvas and leather coming together into a beautiful functional accessory. Each part and piece, from the leather support tags to outer shell, is made in the homes of military spouses across the country. Every handbag carries a story. Founded in 2011 by Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley, R. Riveter […]

Episode 92: God’s Faithfulness in Full Circle with Musician and Singer-Songwriter Ben Kimsal

After years of being a high school student athlete Ben Kimsal grew bored of the sports scene and with encouragement from his father found himself crossing over into playing music. This decision and the season of training that followed changed his life forever. He later became a worship leader and then moved to Nashville to […]

How to Podcast with Kohlie Browning

Have you thought about hosting a podcast? Reading endless how-to articles promising a smooth and simple podcasting start up plan, left me more confused and discouraged. I wanted a space for what I truly needed; practical, trusted information, and personal encouragement. What You’ll Learn: How to discover your podcast’s purpose. The step-by-step process of pre-launch […]

Episode 91: “Bridging the Gap Between Survivor Rescue and Restoration” with The Nissi Project President/CEO Sara Lefevers

Raised in rural Ohio, Sara Lefevers grew up free and full of joy. She adored her family, friends, even the brassy cornfields that filled her hometown, but once she learned about human trafficking, humans selling humans, everything changed. Founded in 2018 The Nissi Project is a nonprofit organization that stands in the gap serving as […]

Episode 90: “Music Made to Serve” with Mobile Singer-Songwriter Phillip Vo

In 2019 Singer-Songwriter Phillip Vo released his debut EP, Sophomore Year, sharing some of his life experiences as a 21-year-old college student studying at the University of Mobile, Alabama. This year Phillip is not only a senior, graduating with a degree in music business, but he is also writing for a new project, a four […]

Episode 89: “The Sovereign Hand of God” with She Speaks Stories

Four years ago I had the honor of meeting Katie Hawkins and Susan Wanderer at Annie F. Downs’ Thats Sounds Fun Weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. I will never forget standing in the melting southern summer heat outside the Grand Ole Opry listening to them share their life experiences of Ethiopian adoption, Military culture, and everything […]