Meet Kohlie


Everyday I am amazed that God wants our real. Our barred hearts, bulging fists, and broken history. Nothing is too much for Him. We can do nothing to earn the divine gift of His love, but receive it with open palms by surrendering our lives to Him. Inviting Jesus into your life Jesus is the best and bravest decision you will ever make, because following Christ is beyond exciting!

Though I may have a different last name and few more years of life experience under my belt, I am still the wide eyed 13-year-old girl who sat on her bed reading her magnet pink bible. I still love writing about everything, playing my music way too loud, and drinking major amounts of coffee. My family and I are still ever so tight and I still run very very slow. My thoughts about how every life is precious, have not changed and neither has my hair color, well, um, only a little darker! Psalm 139:9-10 is still my verse, it will always be my verse, and it can be yours too, because that is just how great our God is!

Tools for you from Kohlie
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