Episode 38: Worship Leader Seth Hansen

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One of the things I always say and absolutely mean is that I love music made my friends; whether this is in performing, writing lyrics, even in small group acoustic settings. I am here for all of it! The guest on this show today is no exception to this.

Worship leader Seth Hansen is an incredible vocalist and musician, who I am so honored to call a close friend of mine. Seth has the gift of inviting others into a space of God’s presence and encourages them to feel safe and known by their loving Heavenly Father. I have learned so much from being under his leadership in worship and now you all are about to learn about his life. This episode is one of my favorites and  worship is only one of the topics Seth and I discuss. His ideas about dating, writing, creating music, and the movie The Quiet Place are rich in authenticity.

Also, little update Seth and Autumn, Autumn Lashay from Episode 33 are engaged! This is so exciting, because now that you know both of these two amazing friends of mine from hearing them their episodes we can celebrate them together! I wish them all the best and love them so much and I hope all do the same.

Seth is stewarding his gifts, including his musical talent, in a way that propels others forward and always points to Jesus. This is something I admire and want to model after all the days of my life. Lean into this this episode and welcome to the show my friend Seth Hansen.

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Show Notes…

Seth Hansen

Liberty Church Downtown 

The Blue Blanket Sport Coats

Margaret Penton 

How He Loves by John Mark McMillian 

John Mark McMillian 

Love Leads: The Spiritual Connection Between Your Relationships and Productivity by Steve Greene 

Panic! at the Disco

Relient K


Katy Perry

Matt Thiessen

Your Enneagram Coach

The Quiet Place 

Autumn Lashay 

Episode 33: YouTuber Autumn Lashay 

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing, @kristiemasing

Ad Music: “Ex Boxer” by Riot


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