Episode 33: YouTube Influencer Autumn LaShay

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Autumn LaShay in not your average girl from Alabama. She is a YouTuber and speaker, creating an authentic influence in today’s world. Operating out of  humor and Holiness, she is opening a new channel, literally, through YouTube, curating conversations for others to discover peace in Jesus. Autumn is unashamed to be wholly herself, honest and vulnerable for others to learn and glean encouragement from. This manner is a rarity, which is why she is impacting countless lives, including mine, through her YouTube channel.  You will love Autumn’s spunk and realness as we talk about her story of overcoming anxiety, finding peace, dating, as well as discovering her voice by creating videos. If you have not already subscribed to her YouTube channel, by the end of this episode you will be! Welcome to Still With You my beautiful, blessed with my gifts friend, Autumn LaShay.

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“Saying yes to Jesus is the starting point of coming alive.” -Autumn LaShay


Check out Autumn’s channel on YouTube 



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Show notes…

Autumn LaShay 

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Liberty Church Downtown 

Steven Furtick 

“When Anxiety Attacks” sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick

Dannah Gresh

Seth Hansen

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing@kristiemasing

Ad music: “Lost Time” by Eveningland

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