Episode 87: “We’ll Be Alright” with Folk-Indie Artist Gabrielle Grace

Rhythms greatly matter to me, not just the ones we love in listening to catchy music, but the ones practice in our everyday lives. Ironically, one of my favorite annual rhythms is actually marriage of these two things, music and life. Every episode of ‘Still With You’ is accompanied by a song that is not […]

Episode 86: Surviving Abuse and Finding Beautiful Courage with Isami Daehn 勇美

CPC-certified Relationship Coach, Isami Daehn 勇美, carries a passion for empowering millennials and GEN-Z through relationship pain to find their voice after estrangement. Why estrangement empowerment? Have you ever though you would head those two words in the same sentence? I have not and neither had Isami. Being raise in a home where physical and […]

Episode 85: “Uprooting Religion, Growing in Relationship” with Laura Lambert

Have you ever felt like you were not doing enough for God? Do you believe you are failing to reach what you believe God expects from you? You may have heard the phrase “relationship over religion” , three words that attempt to share the true nature of God. He is not a God who rules […]

Episode 83: Learning How to Hear God’s Voice with Katie Haskell

Have you ever heard someone utter, “I feel like the Lord is telling me…” or “I was praying and I heard the Lord say…”? Perhaps, you have heard your Pastor or a friend describe their own personal experiences in listening to God’s voice? Rather than feeling 100% encouraged by these incredible stories, chances are you […]

Episode 81: “Follow At Your Own Risk” with Pastor Tyler Burns

Hey friends, welcome to ‘Still With You‘ Season 4. There is no other way to begin than by saying THANK YOU! 🎉 I always prayed this podcast would grow into multiple seasons, but watching God make it possible and having your support is beyond humbling. My hope is for you to always arrive feeling loved […]

Episode 79: Pensacola State College Basketball Coach Sagar Kapoor

North Carolina native Sagar Kapoor spent most of his time in middle and high school focusing on his athletic career. As much as he loved tossing around a baseball and playing pick up games of basketball he often felt defeated. He deeply struggled with his self-confidence and carried a heavy emptiness in his heart. Your […]

Episode 78: ‘When God Calls You to Lead’ with Senior Graphics Artist Megan Mucci

Imagine arriving to your first interview in a new city clumsy wearing your skirt backwards and accidentally sliding out of your seat during the meeting. This sounds like the pilot episode of a hilarious sitcom rather than reality, but not for Megan Mucci This was her life. This day changed everything. Born into a military […]

Episode 76: Charliemadison Originals Owner & Founder Wendy Hively

More than just jewelry, Charliemadison Originals bracelets inspire you to hold tightly to what you love. They are the perfect gift or keepsake reminder that you’re not alone on this journey. Each meaningful bracelet or necklace keeps you connected to your purpose, your tribe, and your family. More than just an entrepreneur, the owner and founder of […]