Episode 39: Fashion Merchant Sarah Stark

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Neiman Marcus Fashion Merchant, Sarah Stark’s favorite words are “You are not a tree”. This message encouraging mobility and freedom to grow is not something she snagged off a screen tee or fortune cookie. It is a biblical principle she learned from a Francis Chan bible study and wears on heart like a polished lariat necklace. Though she is  currently living in Dallas, Texas, and travels often, her roots extend to the Emerald Coast of Pensacola, Florida.

In this episode of ‘Still With You’ Sarah speaks candidly about her experience in working in the fashion industry. Her story is one that only God could craft, born out a moment of surrender in Spain to being employed by one the most prestigious luxury fashion brands in the world. Her words are worth sharing over and over again. Plus, in this episode you will pick up a few tips from Sarah on how to to nail your next interview. She is friend I love, trust, and turn to for all of my career questions. I admire her for her belief that there is more to life than the attire you wear, Instagram likes, breathtaking city skylines, and boyfriends. There is Jesus and He is everything.

Lean in and listen.

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Show Notes…

Sarah Stark

Neiman Marcus


Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing, @kristiemasing

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