Episode 34: Worship Artist Margaret Penton

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Worship artist Margaret Penton was born with a microphone in her hand and a song of praise in her lungs. Raised by a musical family in Miami, Florida, she was encouraged at an early age to share the beautiful voice God gave her. Over the course of her career she has performed as a solo artist, in gospel groups, and alongside her husband, Aaron, completing Penton Worship. Their album My Destiny is a masterpiece filled with songs about the joy of walking with Jesus and learning to trust in His kind nature. Their family of six currently live in Daphne, Alabama, where Margret and Aaron are as worship pastors at Coastal Church. Margaret is also the director of Coastal Kids Academy. 

I had the honor of meeting this friend at the Coastal Women’s Conference this past January where she opened for author, speaker, podcast host, Annie F. Downs. I was moved in watching her sing with such sovereignty about her Savior.

Margaret’s testimony is marked by her obedience to following God’s will and treasuring His Word. Even with her golden and powerful voice she remains humble, selfless, and insistent that all glory belongs not to her, but for His name.

Apologizing in advance, because I fangirled and got a little tongue tied a few times during this interview.  I am so excited to share this episode with you and still beyond amazed I now know this friend with an anointed  life calling. Welcome to Still With You my dear friend, worship artist, Margaret Penton.

“My obedience is much more important than what my desires.” -Margaret Penton

“Now Behold the Lamb” performed by Margaret Penton…

Show notes…

Margaret Penton

Penton Worship

Coastal Church

Coastal Kids Academy

Annie F. Downs

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 123: Awaken Nashville

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs

Divine Empanadas

Music, “Thank God I’m Free” and “My Destiny” by Penton Worship

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 11.53.41 AM.png
Christmas Morning: Margaret praying over a homeless man in Dallas, Texas.

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