Episode 106: Friendship – It’s Complicated with Author, Speaker, and Pastor Andi Andrew

We are made to live in healthy relationship with one another. However, many of us, from our own personal experiences, understand relationships are easily dismantled by drama, competition, betrayal, and broken by unforgiveness. What began as a sincere connection over warm mugs of coffee led to vulnerability, maybe even years of memories together, often ends […]

Episode 105: Breaking Free From Stereotypes with Author and Speaker Simi John

Have you ever formed a preconceived notion and later learned what you believed was far from the truth? Perhaps you have experienced prejudice first hand and are weary from being wrapped in hurtful blanket statements? Culture creates its own assumptions or half truths that we call stereotypes that can easily make its way into our […]

Episode 104: Maker’s Coffee Co. Owners & Founders Caleb and Haley Pierce

After years of owning a successful photography and video business, Pensacola, Florida locals, Caleb and Hayley Pierce, felt a new entrepreneurial idea brewing within their hearts. Blending both their passion for creativity and cultivating community, opening a coffee company was always an exciting hope for the future! Yet, rather than making any abrupt moves or […]

Episode 103: “Nothing Without Jesus” UWF Quarterback Austin Reed

University of West Florida Quarterback, Austin Reed, is rooted in one five word declaration, “I am NOTHING without Jesus.” Through interviews with the press, posts on social media, and relationships with others, on and off the football field, this NCAA 2019 Division II National Champion does not hold back in sharing his faith. However, Austin’s […]

Episode 102: Choosing Purpose Over Perfection with Destiny Burns and Nishea Hendricks, Podcast Hosts of becoming HER

Sharing stories of reaching goals and great achievement are inspiring, but what about the time in between? It’s okay to be honest and admit that you over success stories and want to hear from friends in the middle with you!! Hosted by college students, Destiny Burns and Nishea Hendricks, becoming Her is a podcast passionate […]

Episode 101: Finding Joy in a Season of Grief with Artist and Music Producer Phil J.

Billboard charting artist and music producer, Phil J., is an Alabama native, born and raised in Mobile. His infatuation for music has always been heavy and being exposed to music at a young age brought great inspiration. He was greatly inspired by the music his father played growing up from artists such as: Stevie Wonder, […]