Extra Ice: 2 Timothy

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Learning to rest is hard work. Stepping away from notification screens, messy office desks, and lengthy to-do lists demands discipline, patience, and practice. However, the reward of rest is not only refreshing, but Biblical. Every seventh week of ‘Still With You’ we sabbath by being in the word of God together.

Rather than taking a quick sip of reading a chapter from the Bible, this week we are serving up a whole book! Second Timothy, written by Paul the Apostle, is the second of two inspired letters Paul wrote to his son in the faith, Timothy. This personal letter was written while Paul was once again in Roman prison rearrested as part of Nero’s persecution of Christians. Paul wrote this personal letter in a cold cell in chains and with no hope of deliverance. He was abandoned by virtually all of those close to him in fear of persecution or immediate execution. Second Timothy is the last letter in the Bible written by Paul before his death. The man who experienced scales falling from his eyes and the, perhaps, the greatest life transformation of all time would be not be set free from prison, but released to Heaven, dying a martyr for the cause of Chris.

If you are eager for a breezy read, accept my apology early! Paul’s message is not easy to drink in, but we must be strong and preach the Word.

Links from today’s show…

2 Timothy

Music, “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod, “Eyeliner” by Underbelly, “Elegy” by Asher Fulero

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