Episode 101: Finding Joy in a Season of Grief with Artist and Music Producer Phil J.

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Billboard charting artist and music producer, Phil J., is an Alabama native, born and raised in Mobile. His infatuation for music has always been heavy and being exposed to music at a young age brought great inspiration. He was greatly inspired by the music his father played growing up from artists such as: Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Whispers, The Ohio Players, etc. That era of music heavily influenced his singing and how he creates harmonies throughout his music. Around 2005, he was introduced to Lecrae. He was in awe of the fact that there were artists who created music centered around the Christian faith.  However, it wasn’t until his life was radically changed by a song entitled, “Young” by Andy Mineo. After hearing this song, he was inspired to pursue music as a career. 

In 2012, his strong interest in becoming an artist became a surreal reality. He released his first mixtape, “The Sponsor” and garnered a good bit of attention. Every since then, his growth has become evident as an artist. With every project he’s released since then, he strives to make every project unique and innovative. He doesn’t consider himself just a rapper or just a singer, but a culmination of both. He’s been cultivating his style of music ever since 2012 and is confident he’s found a sound no one else can imitate. He prides himself on taking risk when creating music, even if it’s a complete curveball to his listeners, but that’s what excites him the most. The process in creating different types of songs forces him to push the envelope as an artist, songwriter, and producer. The fruits of his labor have awarded him. Superstars such as Grant Gustin and Andy Grammer have shared his music to their fans. He’s also been able to produce and feature on a song with Christian Hip Hop pioneer, Da T.R.U.T.H.

In this conversation with Phil J. we cover his journey of creating music, the excitement of expecting a beautiful baby boy with his wife Shania, and the story behind his latest album Joy. This project is much more than a mix of creative beats and melodies, it carries the message of hope erupting from experiences of severe loss and sadness. 

The goal of this album is to give you hope in an extremely dark world. I pray you receive a glimpse of true joy or fully accept it as yours. That’s my desire for this album. I’ve poured my heart out on this project and hope you’re encouraged by my journey to finding true joy.” -Phil J.

For my friends who have been fighting through grief and learning to practice JOY in unprecedented circumstances this episode is for you. You are going to love Phil J.’s perspective, his passion for honoring God and serving people, and of course his creative ability! 

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Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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