Episode 106: Friendship – It’s Complicated with Author, Speaker, and Pastor Andi Andrew

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We are made to live in healthy relationship with one another. However, many of us, from our own personal experiences, understand relationships are easily dismantled by drama, competition, betrayal, and broken by unforgiveness. What began as a sincere connection over warm mugs of coffee led to vulnerability, maybe even years of memories together, often ends in deep soul wounds and a knotted need for healing in hearts. Friendship is complicated and perhaps, you have considered giving up in investing in relationships altogether? 

Today on the show I am speaking with a new friend who hears you! Her sneakers were scuffed for a season, walking in a painful experiences involving friendship.

Andi Andrew is the author of She Is Free and Fake or Follower and is the founding pastor, with her husband, Paul, of the multisite Liberty Church, established in 2010. In 2015, she launched She Is Free, a movement that exists to equip and activate women to walk in freedom, spirit, soul, and body and see others set free in their sphere of influence. Currently Andi’s life is focused on raising her four kids in Brooklyn, writing, podcasting, building Liberty Church, and traveling to invest in churches and lives all around the world.

Her third book Friendship–It’s Complicated: Avoid the Drama, Create Authentic Connection, and Fulfill Your Purpose Together releases today. By being a member of the launch team I had the opportunity to read the entire book early, before it released and friends, it is amazing!! I am so excited to share a moment of meeting to speak with her about it’s powerful message.

Through vulnerable personal stories laden with joy, heartache, mistakes, and lessons learned, Andi invites you on a journey of navigating the complications that can come in friendships with other women. With practical and biblical applications throughout, this book will empower you to do the work by first facing yourself and untangling the mess, then seeking reconciliation for genuine connection.

Friendship–It’s Complicated not only alters for there better our relationships with others, but our views of in how we approach connecting with one another altogether. I am grateful for Andi’s hard work and willingness to be a literal open book sharing her journey of healing in friendship, beginning with her relationship with God.

Links for this episode…

Andi Andrew

Friendship–It’s Complicated: Avoid the Drama, Create Authentic Connection, and Fulfill Your Purpose Together  by Andi Andrew

Liberty Church

She is Free

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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