Episode 105: Breaking Free From Stereotypes with Author and Speaker Simi John

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Have you ever formed a preconceived notion and later learned what you believed was far from the truth? Perhaps you have experienced prejudice first hand and are weary from being wrapped in hurtful blanket statements?

Culture creates its own assumptions or half truths that we call stereotypes that can easily make its way into our lives and control the way we perceive ourselves and others. Yet, even while walking through shattered glass ceilings it is still easy to struggle with finding your identity.

Author and speaker, Simi John , was seven years old when her family moved from India to Dallas, Texas. She grew up attending weekly church services with her family and loved learning from the Word daily. Simi placed her relationship with God above all else and when she felt led to share the good news of Jesus with others she was was met with a resounding “No”. The leaders of the church where we was raised discouraged her from preaching the word of God because she was a woman.

Rather than carrying spiritual and emotional scars of being mislabeled and blocked out from using her voice Simi found refuge in scripture. She found healing by intently studying what the Bible says about women and from this wrote I Am Not: Break Free From Stereotypes & Become The Woman God Made You To Be, her first book.

Today Simi and her husband Jayson lead New Life Bible Church in Norman, Oklahoma where is passionate about preaching the word of God. Simi loves to empower and encourage women to walk in their true identity and live out their purpose. She is never shy to share she story nor pass the megaphone for others to own, “I AM NOT!”

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I AM NOT: Break Free From Stereotypes And Become The Woman God Made You To Be written by Simi John

New Life Bible Church

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