Extra Ice: Psalm 105

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Every seventh episode of ‘Still With You’ we, as a community of friends, share an intentional time of rest and refreshment by being in the word of God together. This week on the podcast we are easing into Psalm 105, a chapter written by David, carrying sincere gratitude for all God has done. It opens sharing, “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done”. David reminds the reader of the historic, miraculous, and true stories of Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. These three men of the Old Testament were amazing leaders, but also broken, everyday people, just like us, that God wanted to use. Psalm 105 is overflowing with encouragement to not only exult God’s holy name and remember the wonders he has performed, but also to follow his decrees and obey his instruction. 

Drop a few extra ice cubes in your drink! Or add a second splash of cream, if you favor a hot beverage this time of year? May Psalm 105 be the song of our heart we share the Word and sincere thankfulness together this week. 

Links from today’s show…

Psalm 105

Music, “Memory Card Full” by Birocratic, “Pure Potentiality” by Benjamin Martins, “Slowly Until We Get There” by Joey Pecoraro

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