Episode 109: Uncultured Misfits with Podcast Hosts Arthur Rocker and Lyndsey Cross

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The kid himself, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, comedian, Arthur Rocker, is not just an entertaining artist, but now and incredible up and coming podcast host.

In March 2021 he and astounding co-host, Lyndsey Cross released “Uncultured Misfits” a podcast uniquely blending pop culture education and opinion journalism to all podcast listening platforms. Since “Uncultured Misfits” inception I have had the opportunity of working alongside Arthur and Lyndsey, as the show’s podcast editor and producer. You know how much I love creative audio projects, the partnership was an easy yes!

Today on the show I am honored to be hanging out with these influential friends. In my conversation with Arthur and Lyndsey they uncover the behind-the-scenes of how Uncultured Misfits came to be. We also spill a round of hot topics debating Taylor Swift albums, our fav shows in the teen drama genre, and discuss if rapper, Lil’ Bow Wow really has discovered the fountain of youth?

It is still my favorite goal to make all of my friends fans of the kid himself Arthur Rocker and now it is a joy adding the hilarious and intelligent Lyndsey Cross to this list. 

Connect with Arthur and Lyndsey and listen to Uncultured Misfits on all podcast platforms such as Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, iTunes, and more. 

Links for this episode…

Uncultured Misfits hosted by Arthur Rocker and Lyndsey Cross

Arthur Rocker

Arthur Rocker’s Music on Spotify

Lyndsey Cross

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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