‘Still With You’ Season 4 Finale

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Every year I anticipate recording the season finale of ‘Still With You’. Sharing fun, reflective moments surrounding the year’s events with a close friend always brings me joy. However, this season is different. With every invite sent I faced obstacles of schedule unavailability and tricky timing. Responses from friends were never unkind, it was simply not what I had expected nor what I wanted.

I have held this feeling of want frequently this year and sadly, it has often opaqued my beliefs in who God is. More than I care to admit I have engaged with God as though He was a magical wish granter rather than my loving Holy Heavenly Father who knitted me together. I am learning that He cares about what I want, but is more concerned and underserving kind in giving me what I need.

On this ‘Still With You’ Season 4 Finale I am flying solo, showing up, in trust, to talk about this season’s highlights, book of Joshua (yes, again), and what to excitedly expect for next year.

‘Still With You’ Season 5 will release Tuesday January 18th, 2022.

Many thanks…

To every amazing guest who showed up eager to share, our faithful partners in prayer, encouraging friends, and fun sponsors this season, you are a solid team. This creative outlet would not operate if it were not for your kindness and generosity. Every bit of your support, even a single episode download, matters. If only I could sip a cold brew coffee or two with each of you and share my sincere gratitude. Season 4 has been more than my heart ever imagined and I treasure every minute spent with you, my friends.

Support SWY…

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Links from today’s show…

Joshua 1:13-15

Joshua 14:9



Friendship—It’s Complicated by Andi Andrew

Face Off With Your Feelings by Jessica Hottle

I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith by Lecrae

Believe Boldly by Erica Willis

I AM NOT: Break Free From Stereotypes And Become The Woman God Made You To Be by Simi John

Luke and Lily’s Christmas Wish by Kimberly Dendy


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Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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