Episode 68: Stranger Things Hangs, when Season 4 hits we are ready!

Thanks to #stayathome all of us have done our fair share of streaming this year. As I have been searching for new television shows to binge my mind keeps coming back to Stranger Things. WHERE IS SEASON 4? Clearly, the cast and crew could not have planned for a global pandemic, but every time the […]

Episode 66: Getting Real and Living Toxin-Free with Lifestyle Blogger Margaret Matheny

Hey friend, how are you? Seriously, have you asked yourself this question lately? What have you been watching? Which voices have you been listening to? Have you paused to consider what you might be believing about yourself? It’s fun to run out and buy all natural oils and products, but living a real, healthy, toxin-free life goes […]

Episode 65: “Flourishing” with Pastor and Podcast Host Avery Forrest

Has God ever called you to do something and you made every excuse to get out of it? He made no mistake when He asked you and yes, He meant you. Pastor and podcast host Avery Forrest has experienced this firsthand. As a college athlete God lead her off of the soccer field and into full-time […]

Episode 64: Muscle Shoals Song Rooms and Songwriters Festival Founder Lillian Glanton

Raised in the Muscle Shoals area and a songwriter herself,  Lillian Glanton had a vision to design a songwriting space where she could collaborate with co-writers in the Hit Capital of the World. After being an American Idol finalist in 2016 she brought her passion for music back to her community and created the Muscle Shoals Songwriters […]