Episode 68: Stranger Things Hangs, when Season 4 hits we are ready!

Season 3-2
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Thanks to #stayathome all of us have done our fair share of streaming this year. As I have been searching for new television shows to binge my mind keeps coming back to Stranger Things.


Clearly, the cast and crew could not have planned for a global pandemic, but every time the banner graphic of Millie Bobbie Brown, Noah Schnapp, and the neon Starcourt Mall pop up on my Netflix account with the words, “Season 4 Coming Soon” I cannot help but get excited!! 

Today on ‘Still With You’ I am taking all of my Hawkins, Indiana energy and talking with three of my favorite junior high friends about our love for the series. In this episode we serve you all the Scoops Ahoy insights of the show as we swap favorite moments, interesting facts, plus our theories and predictions for Season 4. When it hits we are ready! 

In honor of it being back-to-school season I thought it would be fun to mix it up with quick conversation about one of our most beloved drama.

If you have an empty Netflix queue we feel you! We would love have you join our Stranger Things hang and share your thoughts and theories about the show. Feel free to leave a comment below and share this episode with a friend. We would love to hear from you! 

*Disclaimer: This podcast episode does include major spoilers if you have not watched this Netflix Original Series. Plus, we (as in myself and my girl gang guests) do not condone nor approve of every action presented in this show. We do not share all of its beliefs and values, but we are fans of it’s frame work in creative storytelling! 

Show notes…

Stranger Things

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Episode 18: Survivor Expert Austin Jackson


Music, “Lonely Nights” by Silent Partner

“Fioj” by Text Me Records

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