Episode 66: Getting Real and Living Toxin-Free with Lifestyle Blogger Margaret Matheny

Season 3
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Hey friend, how are you?

Seriously, have you asked yourself this question lately? What have you been watching? Which voices have you been listening to? Have you paused to consider what you might be believing about yourself? It’s fun to run out and buy all natural oils and products, but living a real, healthy, toxin-free life goes way beyond the full bottles of chemicals you introduce to your body.

Lifestyle blogger Margaret Matheny knows this all too well. As a young mom and wife to a professional athlete she felt pressured to fit a stereotype and started chasing after her own ideas of perfection what looks like. Even though she spent endless hours at the gym and wore cute clothes to craft a social media post worthy “baseball wife” life she felt unhappy and was incredibly unhealthy.

Today Margret’s external rhythms have remained the same. There are still baseball games to attend, two precious baby boys to feed, and the hassle of moving four times a year. Yes, this is a real thing for families of athletes, crazy right?! What has changed is within her.

Margaret is living a toxin-free life where she flocks to what is authentic. Real people, real food, real missions, and forgetting all other fake stuff. It creates resistance in living a full free life with Jesus!

On this episode of ‘Still With You’ this friend gets real in sharing about her heart transformation and the freedom she is walking in following Jesus. Her mission is to help women live confidently by maintaining a healthy and intentional life.

“In a culture where people, beauty products, diets, Instagram photos pressure us to be like ‘her’, there’s room for an even louder voice to share that being your best self does not happen by copying. It happens when you choose to study yourself, to take care of yourself and most importantly to be confident with who you are in this moment.”

Clearly, I am a fan of all of this and more that Margaret advocates for on the daily. Whether it is through a blissful blog post or an encouraging video I am always inspired by Margaret’s “real” life and how she and her family love Jesus. 

Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagram Post

Show notes…

Margaret Matheny 

Tate Matheny

Pawtucket Red Sox MILB

MLB Manager Mike Matheny 

Kansas City Royals Baseball

St. Louis Cardinal Baseball


The Mindful Christian 

NATIERRA Himalania Organic Cacao Powder Pouch | Non-GMO & Vegan | 8 Ounce

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

Ad music, “I Don’t Wanna Wait” by Nana Kwabena

Whitefish Salad” by LATASHÁ

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