Episode 64: Muscle Shoals Song Rooms and Songwriters Festival Founder Lillian Glanton

Season 3
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Raised in the Muscle Shoals area and a songwriter herself,  Lillian Glanton had a vision to design a songwriting space where she could collaborate with co-writers in the Hit Capital of the World. After being an American Idol finalist in 2016 she brought her passion for music back to her community and created the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival and the Muscle Shoals Song Rooms, located just 2 blocks from the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.

“Every week, I would book co-writes with songwriters in town (Muscle Shoals) and the question would always be “Where are we going to write?” I decided to create a solution to the problem; I wanted to create a space where songwriters could collaborate in an inspiring and professional environment- right here in the heart of Sheffield, Alabama.”

Not only are songwriters able to collaborate in a professional environment, they also have the opportunity to meet new co-writers, attend songwriter workshops from music industry leaders, and be a part of future Shoals Songwriter retreats. Most importantly, they have a place to nurture their craft and be authentically themselves.

On this episode with Lillian, we chat about her exciting early career in music and she shares key tips in how to be a successful entrepreneur under 20 years old. Whether you are fascinated by the music business industry or need a spark of encouragement to get you moving on your next project, this is the place to be. (We also talk about Justin Bieber’s new album, your welcome!)

I first connected with Lillian through a friend of the show, Country Music Artist Becky Denton. She and Becky have spent time writing music together and everyday they lift each other up in their own creative lanes within the music industry. I am so excited to be playing a small part in sharing her story, please welcome the one and only Lillian Glanton.

Purchase your tickets or submit to perform for the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Music Festival, November 4-6th, 2020. There is more information waiting for you, click here.

Use code “VIRTUAL” for your first month free off of the Song Rooms Virtual Membership with Muscle Shoals Song Rooms. 

Show notes…

Lillian Glanton

Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival 

Muscle Shoals Song Rooms 

Becky Denton

Episode 46: Country Music Artist Becky Denton

University of North Alabama

Muscle Shoals Documentary

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Bobbie Gentry

Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival 2019 Playlist

Turbo Coffee Roasters

8th & Roast Coffee Coffee Co. 

Hailey Whitters 

Dolly Parton’s America 

Jad Abumrad

“Changes” by Justin Bieber 

Eddie Benjamin 

Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Keller 

Lori McKenna 

“Humble & Kind” by Lori McKenna 

Brave Witness Clothing 

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

Ad Music, “Blue Nude” by Verified Picasso

“Joining an Activity Group” by Single Friend

“Thoreau” by Spazz Cardigan

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