DWF: Flea Style

Finding a fit made to weather the Texas heat, while also embracing its rich artisan influence is not an easy pursuit. Before you stick to your favorite Fortress Festival tee and high waisted shorts, walkover to Flea Style in Dallas’s Deep Ellum.

Founded in 2009 by Brittany Cobb, Flea Style is a creative company that celebrates and shares handmade, vintage, one-of-a-kind goods for individuals who want surround themselves with beautifully curated pieces that speak to their soul. Brimming with wide variety of unique apparel, event hosting opportunities, and a fully occupied hat bar Flea Style is a captivating experimental retail experience.

Stationed in 3,300 square foot storefront Flea Style Fort Worth offers a breezy marketplace atmosphere. Maybe it’s the subtle natural light airing into the shop that makes the practice of shopping feel natural? Or the salmon pink paint? Either way I’m in love here.

Artwork is not limited at the Fort Worth Flea Style. Circle up with your friends or snap solo against these gorgeous insta-worthy walls that will have everyone talking in the comment section.

At Flea Style a bold denim coverall and a delicious plate of Texas barbecue are all within arm’s reach. My husband, Chris, and I loved dipping in and out of downtown shops and later served a stack of ribs in Deep Ellum during our Dallas getaway weekend. Good things happen here.

3009 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75226

Hours: Daily 10am-5pm

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