Episode 113: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World with Author Katie Hawkins

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Author, podcast co-host, and Bible teacher, Katie Hawkins, spent little time contemplating her beliefs about God and faith as young adult. It is not until she accepts a teaching job at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba where her life begins to change. In Katie’s new position at a private school she often teaches hungover, smokes in the teachers’ lounge, and makes up her own answers to her students’ questions about Jesus. She would never have imagined that she would soon become a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus with a passion for glorifying God.

In stepping into a new season of Still With You hosted by Kohlie Browning my hope is to give God my first. A rhythm I have found sacred in practicing this is by speaking with a leader in my life who has personally influenced me in deepening my relationship with the Lord and encouraged me to remain in the truth of God’s Word. This year I am honored to sharing this moment with a returning guest and dear friend, Katie Hawkins. You might remember her from Episode 89: “The Sovereign Hand of God” with She Speaks Stories.Today Katie is back share her new book She Speaks Stories. She also brought her book launch captain, and fellow military spouse, Julia Sifers. Katie, like Julia and I is a spouse to a service member as well and a majority of the stories from her new book center around her experiences in military culture. Even bigger than the themes of teaching, travel, and tough times is God’s rescue and redemption story of Katie’s life. True to the subtitle of her new book He offers us hope, help, and healing in a hard world.  

You are going to love every minute spent with the fabulous Katie Hawkins, excuse me, author Katie Hawkins.

Links from today’s show…

Katie Hawkins

Julia Sifers

She Speaks Stories

Precept Bible Study Method

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How to Podcast With Kohlie Browning

Music, “Where the Light Dances” by Yamaree

“Wrong” by Dan Henig

“Jindupe” by Lauren Dunski

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