Episode 122: Two Hundred Tuesdays with Dianne Derby

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When Emmy award-winning journalist, KOAA News5 co-anchor, Dianne Derby, arrived as a news anchor in Colorado Springs, she was hungry for approval, affirmation, and connections. She raced from one event to the next, capturing stories, sound bites, but past the microphone she deeply struggled in feeling fulfilled. 

Everything changed when she met centenarian Jim Downing at a luncheon for World War II veterans. At the time, U.S. Navy Veteran, Lieutenant Jim Downing, was the second-oldest living survivor of Pearl Harbor. At the luncheon Jim asked Dianne an important question that would set the tone for the start of their friendship. Jim shared, “Would you like to meet the most fulfilled person you’ll ever know? You’re looking at him.” 

For the next five years Dianne and Jim began meeting every Tuesday, where eventually she invited her followers into their dialogues with dozens of videos on Facebook Live, where viewers could learn from Jim just as she had. With thousands of views, the chats struck a chord with people who were hungry for a meaningful life. Over the course of five years, Jim taught Dianne Derby to slow down; to embrace only what is true, real, and good; and to live a life of significance. Dianne was asked to deliver the eulogy at Jim’s funeral when he passed away in February 2018 at age 104. His memorial service was  broadcasted across the the world for thousands to honor his legacy. 

Jim’s faith and life lessons live on in Dianne’s stories, her friendships, and the significance of her work as a journalist, a mother, a wife, and a follower of Christ.

Her first book, Two Hundred Tuesdays: What a Pearl Harbor Survivor Taught Me About Life, Love, and Faith, is the story of how Tuesday meetings about friendship, leadership, mentoring, parenting, and marriage—and the sacred thread through it all—led to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Two Hundred Tuesdays releases next week Tuesday May 17th, but you can preorder your copy today. 

Being a military spouse, y’all know how much service members and their stories matter to me. I am so thankful to have Diane and a strong support in our corner and I cannot wait for you hear her talk about Two Hundred Tuesdays! Maybe grab a tissue or two, because this conversation is a fun, but tearful blessing. It is my honor to welcome Emmy award-winning journalist and outstanding author, my friend, Dianne Derby. 

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Music, “Where the Light Dances” by Yamaree

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