Episode 115: CEO of InHer Physique Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Dr. Justine Roper PT, DPT

Dr. Justine Roper PT, DPT is the CEO of InHer Physique Pelvic Floor PhysicalTherapy, the leading expert pelvic healthcare clinic in the Pensacola, Florida & Gulf Coast Region.  Prior to owning her own practice and helping thousands of individuals receive the best care for their pelvic health Dr. Justine loved to perform. She grew up […]

Episode 114: Entering New Seasons with Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Kennedy Dendy

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Kennedy Dendy, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas with big dreams for her bright future. At an early age she was naturally drawn to the field of news media, often mimicking the show hosts she watched on television.  Still driven by her passion for sharing stories, Kennedy graduated from Baylor University […]

Singer-Songwriter Yamaree’s “Where The Light Dances” featured on Season 5 of Still With You

Meet our songbird of the season, YAMAREE ✨  An up and coming artist running alongside Creative Culture Co. and Integrity Music, Yamaree brings a unique sound to the Christian/Gospel genre. Born and raised in Washington state, she ventured to Dallas, Texas where she continues to create music and be inspired.  Yamaree’s is voice is beautifully […]

Episode 113: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World with Author Katie Hawkins

Author, podcast co-host, and Bible teacher, Katie Hawkins, spent little time contemplating her beliefs about God and faith as young adult. It is not until she accepts a teaching job at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba where her life begins to change. In Katie’s new position at a private school she often teaches hungover, […]

‘Still With You’ Season 4 Finale

Every year I anticipate recording the season finale of ‘Still With You’. Sharing fun, reflective moments surrounding the year’s events with a close friend always brings me joy. However, this season is different. With every invite sent I faced obstacles of schedule unavailability and tricky timing. Responses from friends were never unkind, it was simply […]

Episode 112: Luke & Lily’s Christmas Wish with Children’s Author Kimberly Dendy

Two years ago Chi-Town native turned Dallas, Texas local, Kimberly Dendy, had a vivid dream of two little kids full of joy sharing the story of the birth of Christ. As a mother of two, reading books with her children when they were little was one of Kimberly’s greatest joys, but she never once considered […]

Episode 111: Red, White, and Bro (Deployment Ed.) with U.S. Army Veteran SGT. Bennett Stock

This week we are observing a holiday that needs no introduction. Veteran’s Day is an annual moment for us, as civilians, to honor and celebrate the selfless men and women of our U.S. Military who have served our great nation. 🇺🇸 Clearly, this federal holiday is close to my heart. As many of you know […]