Singer-Songwriter Yamaree’s “Where The Light Dances” featured on Season 5 of Still With You

Meet our songbird of the season, YAMAREE ✨  An up and coming artist running alongside Creative Culture Co. and Integrity Music, Yamaree brings a unique sound to the Christian/Gospel genre. Born and raised in Washington state, she ventured to Dallas, Texas where she continues to create music and be inspired.  Yamaree’s is voice is beautifully […]

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week, the sacred space from Palm to Resurrection Sunday, is a time to remember and celebrate the Cross. Rather than releasing a new podcast episode, I am reading along with this day-by-day reading plan and I am inviting YOU to join me! Friends I pray we ask God to overflow our longing hearts with […]

Folk-Indie Artist Gabrielle Grace’s single “We’ll Be Alright” to be featured on Season 4 of Still With You

‘ As I watched the sun slowly sink below the earth’s surface I felt my heart mirror the same motion. It had been less than a week since Hurricane Sally struck the Gulf Coast and left our city of Pensacola devastated from its destruction. Until this moment I had desperately tried to push away all […]

Episode 79: Pensacola State College Basketball Coach Sagar Kapoor

North Carolina native Sagar Kapoor spent most of his time in middle and high school focusing on his athletic career. As much as he loved tossing around a baseball and playing pick up games of basketball he often felt defeated. He deeply struggled with his self-confidence and carried a heavy emptiness in his heart. Your […]