Folk-Indie Artist Gabrielle Grace’s single “We’ll Be Alright” to be featured on Season 4 of Still With You

As I watched the sun slowly sink below the earth’s surface I felt my heart mirror the same motion. It had been less than a week since Hurricane Sally struck the Gulf Coast and left our city of Pensacola devastated from its destruction. Until this moment I had desperately tried to push away all of the heavy disappointments of the 2020 year, but this was my breaking point.

I am firm believer that music, especially songs inspired by faith in Jesus, have the ability to alter our perspective. Grappling for some kind of shift in this moment, I shuffled through a few songs on my Spotify music app and paused listening to the calming ‘ohhhs’ of Gabrielle Grace’s latest single, “We’ll Be Alright”.

Gabrielle Grace is an Indie/Folk singer-songwriter who values honesty and storytelling. She released her debut album, This Beautiful Life, in February of 2019 and is in the process of crafting an EP that is set to release later this year. “Wayward Safety” was her first release from that new project, followed by her second single, “Good Without the Bad” featuring Logan Pilcher. Her latest single “We’ll Be Alright” is the last single before she releases her debut EP, coming early 2021.

The first time I heard “We’ll Be Alright” I felt its warm words of hope wrap around me like a favorite blanket. It’s message riveted with vision and delight for bright days ahead, while also acknowledging life’s presence grief. I believe we can learn to hold both. ✨

Still With You is a space I pray you find to be safe. My hope for you is to arrive without worry and leave reassured. Life is messy, but I believe the lyrics to this song are true, “Love is yours. It is yours and mine. We’ll be alight”. With the love of Jesus we have a never-ending hope, comfort, and peace that is stretching out for us. He is trustworthy, our security.

I could not be more honored to be featuring “We’ll Be Alright” as the theme music for Season 4 of the podcast. Not only will Gabrielle’s debut EP be releasing soon, but she will also be speaking as a guest on the podcast this season as well. There is so much to be excited for this year!! 🎉 I am so thankful for this amazing friend sharing her music with us. Gabrielle is an incredible, generous human being, and beautiful creative artist.

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Coming January 19th – Episode 81: “Follow At Your Own Risk” with Pastor Tyler Burns

Connect with Gabrielle Grace here

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