We want to hear from YOU! Season Three Finale News

Not one of us could have expected the dump truck loads of events and emotions that this year, 2020, held. Yet, in the middle of disappointment GOD was still working in our hearts, lives, cities, and world. On the season finale of ‘Still With You’ Kohlie is chatting with a favorite returning guest, answering your questions, and listening to your stories.

Did you experience a moment or a season where God worked radically in your life? Did He show for you up in an unbelievable way? Where was God still with you this year?


Here are a few ways you can share and potentially be featured on ‘Still With You’ Season Three Final episode

  1. Email Kohlie at kohliebrowning@gmail.com with your 2020. Please keep sharing to 150 words or less so that it may be read on air. If you would like to be left anonymous please do make this CLEAR in your message.
  2. Email and attach a voice recording in MP3 form of you sharing part of your story. You do this through your voice memo application on your phone or use a home computer. Your voice recording will be shared on air and in this please include only your first name. Keep your time to only 3 minutes!
  3. Kohlie and her special guest are also very excited to be answering your questions! Ask her anything you are curious about. Submit your questions here, or you can again always email Kohlie or message her through social media. All questions will be read anonymously.

We are so excited to celebrate God’s faithfulness this year. This conversation will not be one about politics, toilet paper, or Tiger King!! We are talking about the fun, the crazy, and the amazing things from this year, including hearing from YOU friend!!

All questions, stories, etc. must be submitted by Sunday November 22nd, 2020.

DISCLAIMER: Not all submitted stories and questions will be released and the final discretions will be left fully to Kohlie Browning and her team. Any late entries will not be accepted.

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