KB Essentials: November ’20

November is not a starting block for the holiday season. Well, maybe it is? Some of my friends have already set up there Christmas trees and I love their spirit. Even so there is tons to appreciate about this beautiful month carrying deeper into the autumn season. Enclosed are a few of my favorite finds that I am holding on to and loving dearly.

If you snag a KB Essential pick for yourself please do share this with us. Use the hashtag #KBEssentials. I would love to feature you in an upcoming post! ✨

Roadmap to Reconciliation 2.0 by Brenda Salter McNeil– This semester I joined a small group that is focusing on studying this book. Every week I am learning so much not only from the text but the beautiful discussions from my friends that surround it.

Chopped Pecans– Is it pee-khan or pee-can? How do you pronounce it? Served raw, baked, or sugared there is nothing more appetizing than a handful of pecans. Claim your chopped pecans by Good & Gather at your local Target.

Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18– Every Autumn you will find me in my classic Carhartt stocking cap. Catch this under $20 deal with over 20 different colors to chose from. While I love to style my ‘Carhartt Brown’ I want with all my heart the ‘Winter White’ edition.

Timberland Women’s Sneaker Fashion Boot– Status update, I am living my street style Timbs. While have always been a fan of this fashion company I am over wearing a chunky boot like I use to. This sneaker is light, fun, while also nodding to the original high top classic Timberland roots. Match these shoes with you Carhartt stocking cap and you will be rocking all season long girly!

Robbers’ Health Essential Oil Blend 30 ml – Formulated by 4 Thieves – If you are in love with Thieves but do not want to pay the price of Essential Oils meet the off brand ‘Robbers’. I add a few drops of this to everything, but especially in cleaning my kitchen counters and stove.

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels– Leave behind your plastic spray bottles that were never eco kind and make a chic clean change to this beautiful glass spray bottle to hold any liquid cleaner of your choice. My Amber bottle has a home on my window sill above my kitchen sink, it is just too cute to store away in a cupboard.

Quick tip: Add ten to twelve drops of Robbers Health Essential Oil to your bottle and fill the remaining with water for an organic blend. This is the easiest home cleaning mix. Spray away those germs!

ABLE Elvia Top Zip Tote in Cognac – I splurged and bought a new handbag. After falling in love with ABLE’s mission of ethical fashion that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty, how could I not want to sport a tote made by the strong hands of individuals I deeply admire. ABLE is deeply devoted to quality – both in the products they make as well as the quality of life we aim to provide. They take time to invest in, train, and educate women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive. 

As a costumer I also love the they offer free shipping and returns. Plus 15% off your first order when you sign up for their email list. This is a blissful gift as you gather up some leather or gold goods.

I cannot say enough GREAT things about my Elvia. It is the perfect accessory to carry all of my essentials. I do recommend treat it with leather condition before use, ABLE offers this service for a small fee is you opt out of doing it yourself.

The Drew Barrymore Show– This is the remedy we needed for 2020! Drew Berrymore, golden and coming to us LIVE every week. It you are looking for hard-hitting news and interviews, opt out. However, if you want to hear bright, good news with fun diverse guests do stay. Drew’s delivery is always current, creative, cheery, and optimistic in this ever changing world.

PLUS!!! Senior Graphics Artist of the Drew Barrymore Show, Megan Mucci is next week’s featured guest on ‘Still With You‘. She is sharing her story and dishing about her experience in working with one of America’s most beloved icons.

Feel like you can’t wait? We can’t either. Subscribe to the podcast here.

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