Episode 62: “Answers to Questions” with Indie Artist with Logan Pilcher

Season 3-2
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Indie Artist Logan Pilcher found solace in creativity at a young age. Never fitting into the academia mold, his family encouraged him to pursue art— something for which he’d already shown aptitude and passion. It was a disciple in that pervaded every aspect of his life. From that moment forward, Logan never stopped to consider what a life without music would look like. It was not until venturing away from home that he came to realize his own musical identity. One of profound vulnerability in the face of joy and hardship.

“Answers to Questions” is a fitting title, not only for of the nature of our in depth conversation about life, art, and music, but it is also the name of one of five tracks from Logan’s latest EP release, Good Fortune Vol. II.

His songs, like the ones from his debut EP Ever After Alwaysfind their inspiration in his own personal experiences. Each of which do the job transcribing authentic moments of truth, imbued with innocence. Logan’s earth, layered tones and finger-style acoustic picking both tranquilize and wake the spirit. His lyrics always tell a story and is he one of the only people I know who can tape up a guitar and make it look cool.

If you have not already heard of Logan Pilcher, let’s change that today!

Look for “Lucky Brother” and other new music released by Logan following his account on Spotify music.

Show notes…

Logan Pilcher

Noah Gunderson

Paul Vinson

Episode 40: Indie Rock Artist Paul Vinson 


Eric Andrew Taylor

Music, “Answers to Questions” and “I’m Here For You Babe” by Logan Pilcher

Ad music: ““Tupelo Train” by Chris Haugen


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