Episode 40: Indie Rock Artist Paul Vinson

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With his raw talent and ability to write moving music indie rock artist Paul Vinson started engaging with music at a very early age. Before even graduating high school he gained a large local following, playing shows all around his hometown of Pensacola. True to the title of his first EP “Leaving Home”, he has since moved to Nashville to write new songs and tell new stories. Paul has been a voice that I have been paying attention to since I have moved to the Gulf Coast and I can truly say I feel his music has left a mark on this city and certainly seasons of my life. His honesty and authenticity are truly something to be admired. Paul is incredibly hard working, passionate, and creative. I am so grateful for his music, wisdom, and courage to share his heart through guitar chords. I know you will as well.

Also, this episode holds a surprise! Included is a sneak peek to new music Paul plans to release soon!! You all know how much I love music made by my friends, this is a sacred ‘Still With You’ moment. Stick around and enjoy my conversation with my talented friend, Indie Rock artist Paul Vinson.

Show Notes…

Paul Vinson

Paul Vinson on Spotify

Paul Vinson fan page 

“Forest Fires” by Paul Vinson

Jeremy Courtney

Your Enneagram Coach

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing, @kristiemasing


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