Episode 56: Christian Artist Mariah Dawn

Season 3
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Originally from Los Angeles, Mariah Dawn and her family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri in 2002; shortly after her father started a church, New Destiny Worship Center, where she now serves as a music director and worship leader.

 Mariah released her first project in mid-September of 2019 and since then had 57K+ streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Mariah has one EP out right now, “Keeping Me” and two Christmas singles; “Let it Glow” and “Christmas Once Again”.

Mariah’s husband, Matthew Ray Dobson, produces all of her music and together they work together on all of her projects. Talk about a power couple for the Kingdom!  

Through her music and her lifestyle, Mariah’s main focus is spreading the goodness of Jesus. With God at the center she strives to motivate young adults to walk in their faith in boldness with authority. You will learn through Mariah’s story that she did not set out to become an artist, but when God calls you forward you must give a brave YES. I am so thankful for this incredible friend who creates amazing beats that I love to dance and move to everyday.

Her new single, “Claim My Crown” featuring Torey D’ Shaun is a new favorite of mine and available on all media platforms for you to listen. 

Turn up the vol and be blessed by my conversation with my beautiful friend, Mariah Dawn. 

Show notes…

 Mariah Dawn Dobson 

Matthew Ray Dobson

Torey D’ Shaun

Contact Mariah’s sister-in-law, Erin 


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