Episode 57: Growing Well with Dusty Hegge

Season 3-2
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We are getting planty on the podcast as I speak with one of my favorite inspiring voices, Dusty Hegge. Rooted in Olympia, Washington and living a beautiful, biblical, botanical life, her heart beats for any growth process.

Growth, good, healthy growth, is hard. With her tender love for house plants and God’s people Dusty knows this all too well. Through motherhood, entrepreneurship, houseplant education, personal growth, and however God has called you to grow, Dusty is here to inspire you and cheer you on.

Dusty is a true house plant expert with scads of resources for you to till through. She is the founder of House Plant Academy, a place where you can learn how to best love your chlorophyll friends. She is also the host of a wonderful show, Grow Well Podcast.

“You’ll hear me say it over and over again, but I just can’t help but see the beautiful parallels between plant growth and human growth and I KNOW that is by God’s design. God has so much to teach us about Himself and ourselves through nature and I can’t stop talking about it!”

Dig in friends! Here is the fun dirt on wife, mother, entrepreneur, and house plant educator Dusty Hegge.

Show notes…

Dusty Hegge

House Plant Academy 

Grow Well Podcast

Black Lake Bible Camp 

Grow Well 053. Grow Lights with Soltech Solutions

Grow Well 019. The Art of Botanical Fragrances with Gina Benedetto founder of Veyali

28 Days Movie

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

Ad Music: “Tupelo” Train by Chris Haugen, “Down Time in My Soul” by Rage

Gold + Ivy Co. Candles, for 20% off your entire order use the code STILLWITHYOU

Brave Witness Clothing 



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