Episode 55: Quarantine Talks with Podcast Host Stephanie Lynn

Season 3
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Anchored in San Clemente, California, Stephanie Lynn is a hero teacher. She is educating the future generation, plus speaking good good truth over the podcast airwaves. No wonder we are for real friends, right? She has taught me so much about walking in honesty no matter what.

On her podcast, Good Good Talks, Steph is introducing a new episode series, “Quarantine Talks”. Each chat is 15 minutes or less, a small slice of encouragement all for YOU to feel human and inspired. As a fan and friend I could not be more proud of Steph taking a bold step in diving into the thoughts we are all having in this season and maybe a little scared to share. There is no shame here, only good things.

If you have not already subscribed to Good Good Talks, you can do so here.

You probably have heard me say to my friends that they welcome to share on ‘Still With You’ at anytime, well, this is one of this FUN moments! From podcasts, piñatas, to the importance of being together, six feet apart, this is my quarantine talk with Stephanie Lynn.

Show notes…

Stephanie Lynn

Good Good Talks 

Episode 13: Good Good Talks with Stephanie Lynn

John Mark Comer 

Bridgetown Audio Podcast 

Garden City 

The Chosen 

Music, “Lifted” from It’s All Beautiful Right Here by Lily Garay 

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