Episode 22: Molly King from Instagram

Episode 22 (1)
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Molly King is a unicorn, fellow Enneagram 7, loyal St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan, and my one of my favorite Instagram friends. After listening to her speak on Good Good Talks I was so inspired by her life and had to hear more from this girl from Illinois. Not only is Molly all the fun, such as taking a selfie with the person in the car behind her in the Starbucks drive thru fun, but she has also dedicated her life to serving in the local church. In this episode of Still With You we talk a new season of transition in her career, her exciting role with the band Carrollton, CIY, and of course the St. Louis Cardinals. Could you expect anything less from the two of us? Listen in and love her, because some friends are simply a surprise in life, Molly from Instagram everybody…

Molly King

Stephanie Lynn, @gwenn_lynn

Good Good Talks, @goodgoodtalks


Christ in Youth 

Jackie Hill Perry

St. Louis Cardinals short-stop, Paul De Jong

Music: “Soaring” by Kristie Masing,


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