Episode 21: It’s Casey Law Live!

Episode 21
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Casey Law is a 24-year-old active duty service member in the U.S. Navy.  After a season of the unexpected obstacles during his freshman year of college he enlisted in the military to seek change in his life. Since this decision he has served an overall total of five years, including, completing two nine month deployments, and also grown abundantly in his relationship with Christ. Casey’s ability to see beauty in the chaotic is so obvious. He carries a passion to connect with those who feel all hope is lost and loves to worship his Father. It has been so incredible to watch God transform this friend whose brain is a cart full of random facts and his pantry filled with all the health foods. Welcome to the show, my neighbor, honorary bro, valiant veteran, and fellow member of the Seinfeld squad, Casey Law.

On this special edition Veteran’s Day episode of Still With You we honor the amazing men and women, of the past, present, and future have so bravely committed their life to protecting our great nation. It is with a genuine heart that we THANK YOU!

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Music: “Soaring” by Kristie Masing

“Anchors Away” by United States Naval Academy Band

Ad Music: “Mia” by Jeremy Blake


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