Episode 23: The Penny Story with Kendall Phillips

Episode 23
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Kendall Phillips is a mentor, speaker, spiritual discipline warrior, and founder of one of my favorites movements, The Penny Story. On this season finale episode of ‘Still With You’ I am beyond honored to introduce this friend who is setting a counter cultural fire in how we perceive and pray for survivors of human trafficking. Lovingly called “the Penny”, it’s sole purpose is to bring awareness to trafficking while financially supporting nonprofit organization, A21. Joined by my friend and former guest on the podcast,  Nikki Howard, the two of us sit down with Kendall to talk all about the Penny. Kendall also shares her heart behind her incredible mentor program for women, The Penny Story 2.0 and her latest project, The Penny Story Subscription.

You will absolutely love Kendall. She is so fun, Spirit led, and carries so much wisdom about what it means to be obedient in walking in your calling from God. You will never look at a penny the same after listening, this I promise!

The story of how I was led to The Penny Story and befriending Kendall is one that that only God could write. He is in all of the details, which is why I am so sentimental, excited, and sincerely moved to share, Episode 23, to complete season one of ‘Still With You’. Changing seasons is always little bittersweet but also so worth celebrating. Which is why I have a grand SURPRISE for you…

A GIVEAWAY! I am giving away 12 Penny Story bracelets to thank YOU my faithful listener for being so true and supportive of the podcast. Click HERE for information on how to enter for a chance to win.

Thank you again for all of your love, prayers, and support during this year of me stepping out bravely with this crazy idea. You, my friend, on the other side of your tablet or phone, are someone I hold so dear to my heart. ‘Still With You’ exists for you and because of YOU. Thank you for being apart of season one.

Now go listen everyone…and Merry Christmas. See you in 2019!!!

This episode mentions…

Kendall Phillips

The Penny Story


Christine Caine

Kari Jobe 

Common Cents Documentary 

Kendall Phillips with A21


Music: “Soaring” by Kristie Masing@kristiemasing

Still With You Season One Celebration, s more’s lattes included! 11.07.18



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