Episode 33: YouTube Influencer Autumn LaShay

Autumn LaShay in not your average girl from Alabama. She is a YouTuber and speaker, creating an authentic influence in today’s world. Operating out of  humor and Holiness, she is opening a new channel, literally, through YouTube, curating conversations for others to discover peace in Jesus. Autumn is unashamed to be wholly herself, honest and […]

Episode 32: Celebrating Mother’s Day with Michele Thomas and Randa Olesky

Not only are Michele Thomas and Randa Olesky  best friends, but they are also, in their words, “moms-in-law”. Meaning, Randa’s son, Stephen, is married to Michele’s daughter Lindsay. Their story of how two large loving families connected is completely unique. On this episode of Still With You we celebrate Mother’s Day with the the belief that […]

Episode 31: “Leaving Footprints” an Interview with Kelsey Hill

Small-business owner, hairstylist, Coast Guard wife,  and boy mom, Kelsey Hill, walks to the beat of God’s plans and positive vibes. Less than a year ago she and her family transitioned from living in Michigan to the gulf coast of Pensacola, Florida. Rather than taking a few months to settle in, Kelsey immediately chose to […]

Episode 30: Entertaining Artist Arthur Rocker

Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and comedian, Arthur Rocker, is a name to remember. Born in the small southern town of Pensacola, Florida this talented artist is doing amazing things through all creative outlets. Arthur has a courageous performer’s heart. No surprise here, you all know how much I love my friends who make music. Naturally, […]

Episode 29: “It is Well” an Interview with Jodi Bere

Jodi Bere lives the lyrics of her life song, “It is Well”. Through her work in the medical field, acting, public speaking, teaching music, and leading worship, she always seeks to remind herself and others of God’s perfect view of His people. She is assured that our identity is found in Psalm 139 promising that […]

Episode 28: Sorority Girls Can Change the World with Katie Bulmer

Author, speaker, yoga instructor, Katie Bulmer believes sorority girls can change the world. This message is written all over her life story and it is the title of her first book, Sorority Girls Can Change the World. In college Katie loved the thrills of Greek life, but during her senior year she found a deeper, everlasting connection when […]

Episode 25: Everyday Evangelism with Emily Lalas

Emily Lalas loves Jesus. Do not underestimate the simplicity of this sentence, because choosing to love Jesus means choosing to love His people well. This is anthem of my friend Emily’s heart. She believes as followers of Christ we are called to more; rescuing the oppressed, healing the broken, empowering the marginalized, and living truly […]

Episode 24: Treasuring God’s Word with Traci Shinnick

Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, PlayerFM, and Google Play Music Writer, small groups leader, wife, mom, and lover of Jesus, Traci Shinnick has a passion for God’s Word and hearing His heart. It is my honor to introduce this friend as not only the woman who radically changed how I read my Bible, but […]