Episode 28: Sorority Girls Can Change the World with Katie Bulmer

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Author, speaker, yoga instructor, Katie Bulmer believes sorority girls can change the world. This message is written all over her life story and it is the title of her first book, Sorority Girls Can Change the World. In college Katie loved the thrills of Greek life, but during her senior year she found a deeper, everlasting connection when she met Jesus! His love turned her world upside down and since she has felt pressed to speak life into the future generation, starting with sorority girls. On this episode of Still With You, my fellow KB shares her heart behind why she wrote this amazing little blue book. It is a must read for not only a girl on Greek row it is full of direction and encouragement for someone in any season of life. Also, in true Katie Bulmer fashion, she drops the mic in giving some incredible life advice about sex and relationships! This friend means more to me than you know. Her encouragement in my life has blessed me beyond belief and it is truly an honor to present this interview. Enjoy this episode with this world changer and first author featured on the show, Katie Bulmer.


As you will hear by the tone of my voice in the audio of this episode I am so excited about having the first guest author on Still With You. In honor of this occasion I wanted to throw a little GIVEAWAY just for you! Rules and in how to enter this Instagram giveaway can be found at my account, click HERE!

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This episode mentions…

Katie Bulmer

Sorority Girls Can Change the World

Blog post: “What if Jesus meant all that stuff about sex?”

Comfort Colors

University of Missouri

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Radical by David Platt 

George Southern University

Kent Julian

Scared Search by Gary Thomas

University Tennessee Chattanooga


University of West Florida

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing@kristiemasing

More interviews with Katie…

Katie’s Testimony -Connection Church 

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