Episode 29: “It is Well” an Interview with Jodi Bere

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Jodi Bere lives the lyrics of her life song, “It is Well”. Through her work in the medical field, acting, public speaking, teaching music, and leading worship, she always seeks to remind herself and others of God’s perfect view of His people. She is assured that our identity is found in Psalm 139 promising that we are “beautifully and wonderfully made”. In this episode of Still With You, joined by my friend Jodi, she shares her story, speaking about self-worth, experiencing pain and grief at a very young age, and her personal fight in  having alopecia. Even as she discusses seasons of trial and sadness, her message carries an overflow of peace. Each time I listen to this episode I am filled with an assortment of emotions of seeing God’s hands in her story. She has been so faithful and obedient in being real and loving to those around her. May Jodi’s heart message be amplified, that in midst of the “beautiful chaos”, her words, life is the greatest gift and it is well.

When peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot thou’ has taught me to say
It is well it is well with my soul

There is an extra God wink included in Episode 29 with Jodi. Today, Friday March 29th, as this episode releases is also Jodi’s BIRTHDAY!!! Episode 29 published on the 29th, Jodi’s birthday. This is the stuff that only God can make up, which adds feels like a load of heavenly confetti being showered upon us. Please wish Jodi a very happy birthday and in celebration it  would be incredibly kind of you to give to her as she prepares for her medical missions trip to Mexico in August 2019. Whether this is through partnering in prayer or  financial giving, she is grateful for it all.

Click HERE to learn more and support Jodi on her medical missions trip to Mexico.


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This episode mentions…

Jodi Bere 

Liberty Church Downtown 

Jodi’s Fundraising page for medical missions trip to Mexico

Ad music: “Smokin Sticks” by Text Me Records/Grandbanks

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing@kristiemasing

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