Episode 95: “The Gospel Changes Everything” with Evangelist, Disciple Maker, and Bible Teacher Gabrielle Odom

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“If we believe the Gospel is true, which I believe it is, then everything has to change.”

Gabrielle Odom is a 19-years-old, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but currently living in the great city of Dallas, Texas. Early in her young life she embraced God’s pursuit of her through His grace and this radically transformed her heart by the power of the Gospel alone. Today Gabrielle is a bible teacher, disciple maker, and evangelist who is passionate about reaching all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Word of God.

“Lets chase His holiness to the ends of the earth, lets seek paths of righteousness where it feels like none exist. Lets go here, near, and far, every space and every place to share the name of Jesus. For I am convinced that God is holy, His word is true, He can be trusted, and there’s no better mission to commit our lives to.”

This year Gabrielle will be speaking at Consecrate 2021, a two day conference held in Dallas where young people from around the nation will gather to worship, pray, and seek God’s face. A generation gathered in an act of unity and surrender, declaring their lives be wholly consecrated to God. Join Gabrielle, Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, Grant Skeldon, and many other amazing carriers of the Message for this in person and online event October 15-16. Save your seat today!!

Links from today’s show…

Gabrielle Odom

Consecrate 2021

“I refuse to entertain myself with the things my God went to the cross for.

Jennie Allen


1 Timothy 4:11-12

Romans 12:1-2

2 Corinthians 7:1

How to Podcast with Kohlie Browning 

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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