Episode 94: “Share the Sunshine” with Positively Pensacola President and Founder Jordan McKinney

Jordan McKinney is a bubbly and energetic Gulf Coast local. When she’s not wrangling her baby girl Charlotte or teaching tiny humans at Pensacola Beach Elementary school, you can find her coming up with ideas to serve in her community…

What began as a room full of strangers sharing crockpot of buffalo dip in her living room led to forming an amazing organization focused on giving back, Positively Pensacola. Their mission is to shine a light on Pensacola by recognizing individuals, businesses, and organizations that make the city brighter.They not only show gratitude through “Sunshine Shares,” but also hopes to bring amazing people together and create lasting and positive connections.

With new members joining every week, Positively Pensacola is much larger than the original book club, but the mission is still the same. Bringing women together, to find their home away from home.

When it comes to ideas for serving Pensacola, Jordan is never short of them and Positively Pensacola is her favorite dream yet!

Want to join Positively Pensacola? Place yourself around those that feel like sunshine. Browse the out the ‘Join Now’ page here.

Do you know of someone who deserves a bit of sunshine? ☀️ Simply send in a form request to nominating someone you’d like to “send the sunshine” to and Positively Pensacola take care of the rest. From Sunshine Bags to coffee and doughnuts, they make each gift personal and special complete with a handwritten note! Get giving now…

Links from today’s show…

Jordan McKinney

Positively Pensacola

Surviving Your First Years in the Classroom by Jordan McKinney

Send Some Sunshine

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

How to Podcast with Kohlie Browning 

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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