Episode 85: “Uprooting Religion, Growing in Relationship” with Laura Lambert

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Have you ever felt like you were not doing enough for God? Do you believe you are failing to reach what you believe God expects from you? You may have heard the phrase “relationship over religion” , three words that attempt to share the true nature of God. He is not a God who rules with an angry fist nor lays our harsh rules demanding we work to earn His acceptance and attention. There are not enough words in any language able capture how the Lord pours out His unfailing love upon us (Psalm 42:18). Yet, so often we formulate ideas of what we believe God needs from us.

Laura Lambert is a blogger, podcaster, and speaker based near Nashville, Tennessee. She was raised in home where Jesus was center and truly believed her Heavenly Father truly loved her. Yet, now in her adult life she found herself questioning her faith and realized was focusing on what was “right” and “wrong” rather than resting in communion with God.

Everything bloomed when Laura allowed God to weed out religion and hydrate her exhausted heart with real relationship. She even started a podcast where she could talk honestly and encourage others about what she is learning along the journey!

In approaching a conversation of differentiating religion versus relationship, it is important to remember that this episode of ‘Still With You’ does not hold the answers. The only true guide we have is the Word of God! My prayer is that my conversation with Laura would be a starting place for you consider your view God? What is His personal engagement with you? Take your thoughts, opinions, history, and hurt to your local church Pastor, small group leader, or trusted friend who you know will not shame or discourage you. You have every reason to feel alive and empowered, today is your day to begin lifelong, love story with the One who knows you better than you know yourself.

Let’s keep talking! My chat with Laura continues on Where Faith Grows, ‘Episode 016 – Kohlie Browning: On Feeling Behind’.

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