Episode 83: Learning How to Hear God’s Voice with Katie Haskell

Have you ever heard someone utter, “I feel like the Lord is telling me…” or “I was praying and I heard the Lord say…”? Perhaps, you have heard your Pastor or a friend describe their own personal experiences in listening to God’s voice? Rather than feeling 100% encouraged by these incredible stories, chances are you have questions…

How does God speak?

What does His voice sound like?

How can I tell God is talking and I am not making up words in my mind?

I want to hear God speak for myself, not just from my peers.

If you have ever had one of these thoughts this episode is for YOU! Who better to share this conversation with me than Katie Haskell?

Katie Haskell is a prophetic voice and teacher based in Nashville, Tennessee. Before God called her to ministry, Katie worked for more than a decade in the entertainment industry. She has since traveled the world following the voice of God, speaking and ministering to groups and in schools and churches. Katie has taught hundreds of students around the world through her online courses in which she mentors, trains and equips emerging voices and individuals who want to learn how to hear the voice of God for themselves and others.

SPEAK was launched by Katie Haskell in 2017 to teach, train, and equip others to hear the voice of God. This is a 6-week course on hearing the voice of God, knowing your power and authority in the gifts of the Spirit, and understanding how to walk in the fullness of the call of God on your life. Classes are offered over video chat using the Zoom app and can be joined from all over the world. All classes are recorded and able to be watched later if the student is unable to join the live class.

Last year God allowed me the opportunity to join SPEAK! Not only was this course so much fun, but it fully changed how I practice hearing the voice of God. What I love most about SPEAK and LOGOS (another course led by Katie focusing on how to read the Bible) is that everything Katie teaches is back by solid truth found in scripture.

God is not on mute! He is still speaking; teaching, correcting, and encouraging and he wants you to hear from Him. I am so grateful for friends like Katie who are leading others to falling in love with hearing God’s voice.

If you would like Katie to come teach, train and equip your group to hear the voice of God please email speakministriescontact@gmail.com. You can look through the SPEAK Course curriculum on the sign-up page through her website, click here to view.

Links from today’s show…

Katie Haskell

On the Road Journey

Basically Basic, Ep. 45 Hearing God’s Voice | Katie Haskell

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

Ad music, “Body and Attitude” by DJ Freedom

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