Episode 82: “Victory is Near” with Behind the Bliss Podcast Host Rachel Awtrey

Rachel Awtrey is an online encourager and podcaster in Birmingham, Alabama. She spends most of her time connecting with her friends online encouraging them to seek Jesus in small and large ways. She is the host of the Behind the Bliss, a top-rated podcast, which creates space for women to share stories and their reality of what life is really like behind the bliss so that others might experience an “oh yeah, me too” moment. She and her loyal, loving, BTB listeners (myself included!!) believe there is power in vulnerability, sharing the hard and pretty parts of our life. Revealing the story behind your highlight reel requires true bravery, but it’s not about doing it well all at once rather being obedient in your next step.

Though Rachel loves sharing stories of other encouragers, Mack Brock, Kari Jobe, and Chrystal Evans Hurst – just to name a few guests featured Behind the Bliss, she also is carrying a story of her own! As this episode releases Rachel and her husband Thomas are less than two months away from meeting their first child. Not only are we praising God for the miracle of this baby, but we are also honoring Him for working in the waiting.

As I speak with Rachel about overcoming infertility and, of course, beginning Behind the Bliss, I want to approach this subject with sincere sensitivity to those of you who might be praying through a similar journey. A few of the phrases and subjects mentioned might be an unwanted reminder of past traumas involving pregnancy. Please know you are not alone, may Rachel’s story of how God met her in the mess be a bright hope to you! 🤍

It is an honor to chat with Rachel on ‘Still With You’. She is a friend I love to turn to for fun and practical advice + helpful tips. If you are in the middle praying while waiting this conversation is for you. Your victory is near!

Links from today’s show…

Rachel Awtrey

Behind the Bliss

Mary Scott Mercer

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Genesis Nail Spa 

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

Ad music, “Sunset n Beachz” by Ofshane

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