Extra Ice: Psalm 18

Season 3-2
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Nothing beats an icy drink and finding a moment to exhale.

Rest is vital for all living things. It is a healthy and necessary practice for growth. Even God rested on the seventh day when He made creation. Clearly, he did not have to, He is God, but He did, and that is all that matters.

We are adding a new rhythm of rest every seventh week of ‘Still With You’. Instead of a conversation with a fun, new friend you will find a small, pick me up of an episode filled with scripture, only scripture.

This first “Extra Ice” has a short intro, but moving forward only various chapters of the New Living Translation Bible will be shared.

Feel free to read along, stretch, or sleep as you listen. YES, I did say said sleep. In the intro of this episode I share how I have been intentionally falling asleep to audible prayers and words of Truth of scripture being spoken over me. Psalm 18 is a perfect place to start is being filled with true peace.

My personal practice of sabbath is spilling over into Still With You and hope you join me in seeking God’s Word and His presence. Rather than always running at a full sprint I am fully refreshed when I add a little extra ice and I practice rest.

Fill your glasses friends!

Show notes…

Psalm 18 NLT


Trauma Prayer – Jim Banks “House of Healing”

Episode Music, “Garden” by Spazz Cardigen

“Dream Culture” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


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